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Kong Skull Island (2017) Good or Bad?(No Spoilers) by kouliousis Kong Skull Island (2017) Good or Bad?(No Spoilers) by kouliousis
The new King Kong movie that will give as the movie Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020 and start a cinematic universe of Giant Monsters is finally here, it was for worth waiting this movie to come out or ..........................meh??

OK before i will start there are few things that i must say :

1) This is going to be a Spoiler Free Review (No Spoilers) i won't spoil any major imported things and the ending of this movie.

2) I wasn't the biggest Fan of King Kong i haven't see the original King Kong movie from the 30's ,i saw the 2005 version from Peter Jackson which is the movie that got me into King Kong ,what i'm trying saying is i am familiar with King Kong but is not one of my favorite monsters (or monster characters if you will) it wasn't a character that was interesting to me, the only time when King Kong is starting to get really interesting to me is when is fighting Godzilla, when you say that King Kong will fight Godzilla i am high up but when King Kong will start in a solo movie i will not be interesting with King Kong that much.

3) I wasn't crazy for this movie when it was announced and i didn't have high hopes to be a amazing film because i thought that i was a pointless and unnecessary movie ,we don't need a other King Kong movie and the trailer didn't help me at all But this movie will be the first step for a big budget movie that we being waiting for years Godzilla vs King Kong in the modern days (yes i am aware of the film Godzilla vs King Kong from 60's but that was a dull movie with not good effects) so i went to see this movie with a open mind.

Well with that out of the way let start off first with..

The Good :

1) CGI : The CGI for the most part was very impressive especially with fight scenes with King Kong fighting other monster i was like "Wow that is amazing" and i was really worried about the CGI because when i watch the trailer of Kong i thought that the CGI of this movie will be Shit but thankfully i was wrong for the most part

2) Hank Marlow and Preston Packard : These 2 characters play by Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly were the best characters ,Samuel and John give their best performance to make me like Hank and Preston and giving them live to their characters (But these some of the best actors in Hollywood you know that they will give their best in any movie there are).

3) Kong V Monsters : I came to see a movie that King Kong will kicking ass (and the humans also) and for the most part i got it and it was awesome to see it in the big screen.

and .....................that all the good i have ,now let have a look.....

The Bad :

1) Story what Story? : Well let's just say that the story is about these human characters that arrived to Skull Island to do something (i won't tell you because is a major thing that will spoil the movie) when they got into a lot of trouble when they got attack by giant monsters and King Kong and they tried to survive ,the biggest problem i have with story is that is very slow to get to the main plot of this movie ,there's are a lot of things that don't make sense and the movie doesn't explain it very well ,there are also a lot of sub plots that don't end up and they go to this sub plot to other sub plot that you don't care about it and with that the movie is getting boring and confusing.

2) Dull Characters : Unlike Hank and Preston the rest of the characters are very dull ,uninteresting and the acting of the actors who plays these characters wasn't good (especially with John Goodman) ,i don't even remember their names of these characters.

and that all i have

So over all Kong Skull Island was meh i did have some fun with it but there's a lot of things that annoying me if you want to watch it go ahead and you probably like it more then i did

(If you want me to do a spoiler review of Kong Skull Island let me know in the comments)

3/5         5/10        50/100         C

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Khai2000 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Student Artist
I watch this film and it's really amazed me because the screenplay is actually take place in my home country, Vietnam. Plus the film does have one post credit and it actually take place in Godzilla universe.
JW-Gojifan Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
When I first heard about this film, I was shocked that another Kong film was being made as I am a MASSIVE monster fan. I loved the '33 film and King Kong vs Godzilla but I was a bit bored with the Jackson Film and the '76 remake. 
The story was easy to follow and I was shocked at a few scenes (but in a good way), I liked the characters, the setting of the Island, the new creatures, a new take on Kong as well as it not being a beauty and beast story. Plus, if Godzilla can star in 30 movies, Kong needs to catch up.
Best film this year! 
tcr11050 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Admiditly the story was kind of hard to follow at some points and the human characters, though have good performances kind of feel like they didn't give much of an impact on me. Though obviously they are new, so I probably have to watch it again to better understand what's going on. But then again if there were no people in these kind of monster films, the monster would be bored with nothing to terrorize on. But still I found it a fun thrill ride movie.
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
And are you excited for the fact King Kong is going to fight against Godzilla after decades of waiting?
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