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Spoiler Alert ,Go Watch the Episode!

Well sooner or later this amazing Cartoon Network Cartoon was going to end with the story and the character and now the big question is Was all of it Worth by the end?


Well kinda but let me tell you that i am both sad and happy that Samurai Jack has Ended and i understand why Genndy has to ended

But the thing is, i find the finale to be really rushed ,what to i mean by this?

  1. The Pacing was weird at times : There were times that the pacing was moving too fast and it really need to have a break to develop and explain some things but other times it did goes too slow for making a joke ,which the joke did went kinda too long.
  2. When Ashi learn Aku powers so quickly? : This is something that i have to agree with MisAnthro Pony ,when Ashi find the time or the will to do that? if the episode had part 2 the writers will have time to show us Ashi learning Aku Powers.
  3. Whatever Happen to the Guardian? : Seriously with happen to him? I refused to believe that Aku has manage to defeat him and even if he did how did find the place which it was hidden from the world in the first place? it was very disappointing that we didn't see him.
  4. What happen with Lady? : If some of you are confused to what i am talking about ,in the episode Jack Remembers the Past when Jack had flashback from home in one of the scene when it was a boy he meet a girl that they were playing and i always thought that Jack (way before Jack fell in love with Ashi) when he finished he duty he will married the lady that he met as a girl.

Well that all i have why the finale feel rushed but never the less the finale was good and i did enjoy it ,it was nice ,sad and sweet.

I wish Genndy had find a way to make a movie for the finale of Samurai Jack but there's nothing we can do about it.

But Samurai Jack it will always be remember as one of Best Cartoons Ever Made.

So what did you guys think?

YouTube just attack TeamFourStar once again and they need your help and let make some differences


Today at 17:00 (Greece) my Mother's (Υβονη Καραντινού) Mother (My Grandma Αγγελική {Κικι} Καραντινού) has Died in the Bed at the Age 87

We are going to missed you grandma and i hope you are in a better place

Rest in Peace