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This is going to be Spoiler Review of this Movie ,if you haven't see it yet ,Go!

Well i just come back after watching CARS 3 plausibly the last movie of this franchise (and last sequel) and this is the only time i saw one of these Movies of this Franchise on Theaters.

I wasn't interesting to go see this movie because it was a franchise from Pixar that i didn't really like that much ,the First CARS Movie was really mediocre ,cliche and dull for me but it wasn't as bad as a lot of people say it was but the sequel of the other hand CARS 2 was Bad and not just one of the Worst Movies that Pixar Made but it was also one of the Worst Movies Sequels Ever Made and I Hate Cars 2 so Much.

I didn't know what to expect from this movie it was either going to Mediocre like the first one or just as Bad as the sequel (even Worse then the sequel) ,i mean sure the teaser was awesome and the trailers that came after it look very good but it wasn't enough for me to go and see it ,but today i went to see it and after watching this movie on the Big Screen i was both surprise and with a big smile on my face.

I am Not joking i really enjoy watching this movie ,i have fun watching it and of the 3 movies of this franchise this is without a doubt the Best One of this Franchise and i know i was honestly surprise that i have fun watching this movie ,i didn't expect that. (is not a masterpiece of course)

The Story was Good ,The Writing was Good ,The Animation was Amazing (Well is Pixar what did you expect) and Most of the Characters were likeable ,interesting and they did have Character Development especially McQueen.

Before i being to talking i need to mention the Short that plays before the movie start call LOU a Animation Short about a creature that tried to teach a boy not to be a bully and it was beautiful and awesome.

So how Good Cars 3 is?

Well let start of first with ...

Story : This movie is about Lightning McQueen sets , learning and training out to prove to a new generation of racers and he Rival Jackson Storm after he lost to him with a horrible accident it McQueen had from the last race he was in ,that he's still the best race car in the world but this hull journey won't be easy for McQueen and he old and new friends he meet because they have to deal with their dark past and many things that they got into their way.What i really like about this movie that they give McQueen some actual and imported Character Development ,what he has to face through ,how he going to get out of this situation ,he limits ,what he learning to became better and became a teacher for a new racer and they handle this story so well that it really felt real ,relatable and also felt like you're one of these characters who are going through all of this.One of the newest characters that is with McQueen ,later being teach by him and taking he place Cruz Ramirez and her side story that she never manage to race when it has her chance it was really sad ,and you really felt sorry for her for she has being through.

Writing : The Tone of this movie is a lot different from the 2 previous movies it was a lot more serious ,mature and it was to the point , the hull movie is about McQueen dealing that he going to replace by a new generation of blazing-fast racers ,that he Not the best racer in world and also being blindsided by the new generation of blazing-fast racers ,when McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves ,being aliened and the world staring to forgetting about he existence and they think that he finish it really heart broken to see him like this ,you understand why he being like this and you really want him to succeed.What really surprise me that the climax wasn't the predictable climax as i thought it was going be and also the fact that this movie goes into in a detail to what is happening when you're not the famous and well beloved person anymore ,what you're when through and tried to get back to the thing that you love the most and taking this hull thing serious and changeling the viewers point of view of this hull situation ,is awesome and more movies need to do that.

Comedy : Well this movie has more mature and serious tone then other 2 movies but it still a kids movie with good jokes ,that help when Mater is not much in this movie to giving us lot of awful jokes (and thank god) ,my favorite is when Cruz Ramirez tried to gets up with McQueen to get data for he speed by the beach and every time she fail i laugh so hard at this but not every joke was comedy gold there were some jokes that i thought were cringing and stupid ,well that all i have for the comedy.

Animation : Well is Pixar the animation is always going to be good but i think that this movie has better animation then the 2 previous ones to the detail designs of the characters ,backgrounds ,lighting ,shadows and movements everything was amazing (ever though this is a movie about living cartoonie cars that living in earth) but also one thing that i need to mention that were times that when McQueen having a flashback and when he see a film of Doc Hudson racing the style goes to look like that we are watching a movie from 60's and 70's that was awesome (how did they do that?) more animated films need to do that.

McQueen's Character Development : Since he the main Character of this film that has the more development from all the others let talk about him ,i never care about him in the past but now in this film i truly starting to like him ,what i really like about him in this film that he a character with flaws and with problems and they actually go deeper to he psychic and exploring them to why he acting the way he does.When he sad ,you really felt that he sad and you understand why he sad ,because he has put he life and he has work very hard for doing the thing that he love the most for years and he refused to just give up ,when he being arrogant ,angry and does something stupid it doesn't feel forced and from the moment that he let Cruz Ramirez to do the rest of he race ,giving her the chance to to be a racer for the first time in her life and being what Doc Hudson was for him in climax of the first film was beautiful ,meaningful and it did make sense by the end.

Voice Acting : Most of the cast of the previous films are here and they still have done a very good job with they rolls but the thing that impress me the most and it really need to be mention is that they use previous and unused recordings of Paul Newman performances of he roll of Doc Hudson in this film and it didn't feel out of place at all and that was increatable. 

Supporting Characters : Most of the side characters don't have much screen time they do what there were going to do and they were just good and funny side characters for comedic and support purposes ,also i am very happy that Mater has very little screen time with this film in order to get back to the story and drama and for he jokes that he does be even a little bit funny and not forced ,so i have nothing more to say about them.But i want to talk about mostly Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Strom ,Cruz Ramirez was among one the main characters (along with McQueen) that they give her character development and not making her to be sword thumb ,the fact that she a teacher that she didn't take the chance to race when she had it ,that he had a dream and tried to help McQueen with he problem it make her relatable ,interesting and likeable character and i think is time to talk a little bit about Jackson Storm the Rival of McQueen for this movie and he was just forgettable and uninteresting ,he was just there to be a jerk and yeah that all i remember about Jackson Storm.

Well i never thought that i was going to say this about a film about talking cars that it is a Good Movie but this movie deserve to be call a good movie and it is definitely a movie that i will watch again.

4/5         8/10       80/100       B
Spoiler Alert ,Go Watch the Episode!

Well sooner or later this amazing Cartoon Network Cartoon was going to end with the story and the character and now the big question is Was all of it Worth by the end?


Well kinda but let me tell you that i am both sad and happy that Samurai Jack has Ended and i understand why Genndy has to ended

But the thing is, i find the finale to be really rushed ,what to i mean by this?

  1. The Pacing was weird at times : There were times that the pacing was moving too fast and it really need to have a break to develop and explain some things but other times it did goes too slow for making a joke ,which the joke did went kinda too long.
  2. When Ashi learn Aku powers so quickly? : This is something that i have to agree with MisAnthro Pony ,when Ashi find the time or the will to do that? if the episode had part 2 the writers will have time to show us Ashi learning Aku Powers.
  3. Whatever Happen to the Guardian? : Seriously with happen to him? I refused to believe that Aku has manage to defeat him and even if he did how did find the place which it was hidden from the world in the first place? it was very disappointing that we didn't see him.
  4. What happen with Lady? : If some of you are confused to what i am talking about ,in the episode Jack Remembers the Past when Jack had flashback from home in one of the scene when it was a boy he meet a girl that they were playing and i always thought that Jack (way before Jack fell in love with Ashi) when he finished he duty he will married the lady that he met as a girl.

Well that all i have why the finale feel rushed but never the less the finale was good and i did enjoy it ,it was nice ,sad and sweet.

I wish Genndy had find a way to make a movie for the finale of Samurai Jack but there's nothing we can do about it.

But Samurai Jack it will always be remember as one of Best Cartoons Ever Made.

So what did you guys think?

YouTube just attack TeamFourStar once again and they need your help and let make some differences


Today at 17:00 (Greece) my Mother's (Υβονη Καραντινού) Mother (My Grandma Αγγελική {Κικι} Καραντινού) has Died in the Bed at the Age 87

We are going to missed you grandma and i hope you are in a better place

Rest in Peace